Create a animation reel

No longer than 5 minutes at the absolute maximum. Can be as short as 30 seconds as long as what you have is choice. Put it on VHS at least since it is the most common viewing machine. Put it on Beta SP video as well. This is the more professional tape stock and you get better quality images than you do with just vhs.

Here is the secret to getting work!

When you create your samples of work for your reel spend little if any time on rendering beautiful scenes. Rather, spend time on walk cycles or other animation routines to show you have the concepts of animation down pat. If modeling is your calling, then show plenty of models. You may add music and sound effects to accompany your animations. They can help in the timing of your animation. However, most of the people who review 3D work say they turn the volume down while watching your reels. They want to concentrate on the modeling. Yet music can make the world of difference if you are trying for festivals and contests

Team work!

Find others who can supplement your skills. If you are good at animation, find someone who is good at music and sound effects, or digital imaging and painting. Build little virtual teams that will help you offer fuller services and learn more for yourself

Look at what others have done!

Many companies either put out videos or cd-roms or both that have examples of work done by artists who use their products. Observe what they've done. Try to emulate them. Aslo, get the magazines that cover your area of interest. Read constantly to keep up with what's new in your field. You won't understand everything at first; just let it wash over you to begin with and sooner than you think, you'll start to pick up more and more of the jargon and concepts.


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