How to create a blast or explosion in maya

explosion in maya is very easy by default and just little changes we need to change to get perfect out put for our work
 example we are doing a scene some where we need a blast effect so from maya it is default we have blast or explosion scene follow the method i will show u the briefly
general editor
Now from main window, Window--> General editor--->Visor.
 click on visor after selecting you will get one sub window like this from here select 3 option fluid examples click on it
after clicking on it 2 option explosions look like this
now just select a scene from that window middle mouse click  drag and drop in your work area thats it you have finished a default blast scene in maya
now just play the scene that blast have default animation if u want to change the animation by selecting the particles  just go to the attribute editor and give your own key frames when u want to blast it or explosions enjoy the original feel from the maya .


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