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About dvd digital video disk
DVD or Digital Video Disc now in present known, as digital Versatile Discs are a form of storage media based on the compact disc. It is a larger and faster form of a CD holding video and audio along with computer data.

A DVD store six times more data than a CD. There are various companies producing it from Toshiba to Sony and Philips to IBM and further many more.

The 12 cm type is a standard DVD and 8 cm variety is known as a mini DVD. The capacity of data storage is measured in terms of gigabytes as they term it. A Dual layer disc differs from its usual DVD counterpart before employing the second physical layer within the disc itself.

They can be either video or audio. The DVD video is a standard for storing video content on DVD media whereas the audio by the name suggests is a format for delivering high fidelity audio content on a DVD. They can be recordable and rewritable as well. They have to be configured that way. They are processed and are ready as per demand of customer.

DVD MP3 is the newest form where only digital audio files in the MP3 format is stored. Not all DVD Players can play these discs. A DVD player can play a CD but a CD player cannot afford to play a DVD or MP3.

Earlier 'DVD duplication' or 'Burning' was expensive and required skilled person for doing it. People are well acquainted with the ripping software nowadays, and manage it on their personal computers.

The production of DVD requires an authentication to be produced. It needs to undergo certain rules and processes to handle the same. Fake and Illegal DVDs are getting flooded in the markets of Asia, Brazil and some African countries. Some security measures are there that can be applied today for stopping this. The copy prevention mechanism can prevent illegal copying and replicating of original copyrighted materials.

There are competitors in the market today. They have original production at a high price but unfortunately, a rival production may offer the same DVD as a home production at a lower price as well as in the original form.

The points which must be kept in mind while choosing the quality for a DVD are firstly better image and surround sound capture. It should have the ability to record live shows while playing back video content recorder earlier.

We must always be aware of the format of the DVD and storage capacity. The number of recording hours must match our requirements. We travel with the discs so they must have proper connectivity options enabling us to make it portable. Due to its larger storage capacity the cluttering of CD and CD boxes have disappeared. A DVD rip can be of varied size but the most popular is 700-800 MB; which means at least five full feature films can be included in a blank DVD.
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