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About Alfa 147:

The Alfa Romeo is an Italian automobile manufacturing company, founded in 1910 in Milan, Italy. Originally known as ALFA, which is an acronym meaning Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. Nicola Romeo purchased ALFA in 1915. His surname was used as the company name. G1 in 1920 was the first car designed by the company.

In Frankfurt was the introduction of the new 147 CNC COSTUME NATIONAL. It is the result of the cooperation between Alfa Romeo and stylist Ennio Capasa. It is supposedly influenced by the world of music Pop, Indie. It is also inspired by the Garage by street culture and by the world of multimedia. The display area creation is innovative, with luxurious materials and black and white alternate. It is combined with the simply and straightforward design which helps to create a sophisticated atmosphere. It conveys the Italian technology and excellence to perfection. A production run of 1000 is expected for this special series. It will be characterized by the unique Eldorado White paintwork and its exclusive mother-of-pearl effect or the Polar White for the regular output. It also has specially refined details such as the chrome-plated exhaust terminal with the glossy black wing mirror cases. The darkened rear lights add to its mystique. The exclusively painted, sparkle-effect 17 wheels come with aeronautical design. An additional touch of refinement is provided by the 147 CNC logos that appear on the tailgate and pillars. This special series is equipped with the 'Q2' system, the Torsen self-locking front differential. This confirms the strong points of a front-wheel drive which increases the creasing driving pleasure and control. It also provides some of the advantages typical of four-wheel drive. The unique features of Alfa elements such as 18" special wheel rims, sports instrumentation and aluminum pedals in the TI range.

The Car Features

To create a posh and dynamically elegant environment the dark shades have leather upholstered in seats. The perforated Alcantara comes with a jacquard tone-on-tone pattern. The black varnished pillars, ceiling and trims contrast with the white of the bodywork. Some details such as the instrument's red background with white lighting, the carpeting mats have identity plate and aluminum strips give a sporty personality to the 147 CNC COSTUME NATIONAL. The display was painted Eldorado white with a mother-of-pearl effect. There are details such as chrome-plated exhaust, gloss-black mirror housings, darkened tail lamps and painted, sparkle-effect 17-inch wheels. The seats were upholstered in leather and perforated Alcantara. It had black varnished ceiling and trim. The instrumentation was white on red and the carpeted floor mats had aluminum high-heel strips.

The Alfa Romeo world setting and the new 'Unique Alfa' Customization Program in particular is the focal point of the stand. It features some of the best Italian products and allows customers to make cars more refined and exclusive. The 'Unique Alfa' Program breaks down into three main areas-Vintage, Collezione and TI.

The Vintage range represents Alfa Romeo tradition with elegance and modernity as well as the colors for the bodywork and the beautifully crafted upholstery. The Collezione reflects the world of fashion and elegance, with luxury materials, metal inserts and multi-layer lacquered paint. The last line reinterprets Alfa Romeo's history in motor sports. Sport and racing have a fundamental role in the development of cutting-edge technologies. They offer a low stance, boosted braking system, alloy wheels and great performance wheels.

Safety and other features

The standard safety features include standard equipment, from VDC to ASR, 6 airbags and ABS complete with EBD. You can also choose from a large number of options like a Bose Hi-Fi system with subwoofer, Xenon headlights, low suspension settings, anti-theft system and satellite navigator. The Alfa Romeo 147 CNC COSTUME NATIONAL is a special edition Alfa Romeo 147 made in collaboration with stylist Ennio Capasa. The design of the Alfa Romeo 147 CNC COSTUME NATIONAL was inspired by the street culture and the multimedia world.

The platforms on which the cars are displayed have specific colors in each of the three areas. The other areas have a customization program with screens and multimedia stations. It conveys stylistic refinement and state-of-the-art technology. The new Alfa 147 C'N'C COSTUME NATIONAL is born out of collaboration between Alfa Romeo and the stylist Ennio Capasa. The Alfa GT 1.9 JTDM equipped with the 'Q2' system.

The diesel engine is more powerful and 140bhp 16V development of the original unit. It has twin overhead camshafts along with a new crankshaft, pistons and a cylinder head. The oil pump uses the latest 'multijet' technology. It helps to increase the number of injections per cycle to burn the same amount of fuel but in smaller doses. This improves the noise and smoothness.

Extra features are available as an also. These include ABS, EBD (electronic brake distribution), ASR (traction control) and VDC (vehicle dynamic control). Safety features include six airbags. The usual seat belt pre-tensioners, side impact bars etc are also there. The dual zone climate control, a navigation system has a 5 inch display and is available in either monochrome or color. The Bose sound system comes with a six-channel amp and subwoofer can be specified. The interior promises a higher level of quality in the materials used and the construction. It is accompanied with some classic Alfa cues.

The Alfa Romeo world setting and the new 'Unique Alfa' Customization Program in particular was a focal point of the stand. It featured some of the best Italian products and allows customers to make cars more refined and exclusive.
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